Enrollment Information


Contrary to myth, charter schools cannot select their students in the same manner a private institution does. Parents from all school districts countywide are invited to enroll their children for an opportunity to participate in our unique and fulfilling curriculum at no additional cost to them by filling out and submitting our Pre-Enrollment Form.  Once this form is submitted someone from the school will contact you concerning the next steps.

After downloading and printing out the form, please fill it out and send it to us by any means below.
email: acatizone@gillinghamcharterschool.org
fax: 570-955-3831
or drop it in the mail: Gillingham Charter School, 915 Howard Ave, Pottsville, PA 17901


When the number of students exceeds the amount of available seats, the additional applicants are automatically placed into our lottery system. As seats become available, names are selected by a random drawing. It is difficult to determine the length of time an applicant will be on the wait list. However, when a seat does become available, parents for the next in line are contacted to discuss enrollment. The parents for any students who remain on the wait list are contacted twice a year to confirm they wish to continue in the process.  See our admissions and enrollment policies for more information.


All Students at GCS need a valid Birth Certificate, Proof of Residence & Immunization Records, along with the completed documents below.

Enrollment Form

Student Record Release

Home Language Survey

The Pact

15.16 Handbook Acknowledgement forms

15.16 Permission Slip to transport

15.16 Student Contact Form

Gillingham is not simply a smaller public school; we are actually quite different from traditional public schools!  If you are considering enrolling your child, click here to learn more about our curriculum and explore our website. Next, please attend a parent meeting in order to learn more about relational education and the benefits it can provide. This is where your questions can be answered, and we’ll take you on a tour of our historical Schoolhouse after the meeting.

The schoolhouse and administration office are open from 8-4 Monday through Friday.
Tara, our school secretary, will schedule your meeting. Please call 570-955-3830 x111.
We look forward to hearing from you!



Pre-Enrollment Form

Enrollment Policy

Admissions Policy

*Once we receive the Pre-Enrollment form your child will be eligible for the next student lottery or available seat, if there is one.

*Once you have been notified of your child’s status you must complete an enrollment packet and return it within 10 days to secure the seat.

*Lottery Dates & Open House Events will be posted to the website. We only hold tours and open houses from March to July.

*All pre-enrollment forms are due into the office the day prior to the lottery date. Parents will be notified within 3-5 days after lottery of the results. If you have any questions about the process contact Alex Catizone at 570-955-3830 ext 121.

Thank you for considering Gillingham as your child’s school!