Charlotte Mason Institute

Charlotte Mason Institute
The Charlotte Mason Institute (CMI) exists to recover and promote the educational philosophy and practice of Charlotte Mason (1842-1923).

The purpose of the Charlotte Mason Institute is to support a worldwide community of learners and educators in an authentic practice of Charlotte Mason’s paradigm of education. We seek to do this in three ways: explicating the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason, equipping individuals and schools to practice Mason’s pedagogy and nourishing the Mason community with insightful publications, examples of practices and various forms of knowledge from the arts to the sciences, from nature to literature to history and many more.

The Charlotte Mason Institute aims to extend the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy to children worldwide, just as Charlotte Mason intended. The Institute’s long term vision is to develop a vibrant and growing Mason community to sustain generations to come.

Charlotte Mason Institute Accreditation
After an intensive year of observations by the Charlotte Mason Institute, Gillingham Charter School received the “first ever initial accreditation” in August 2014 for demonstrating the principles of Relational Education.

Through Gillingham’s charter, Nicolle Hutchinson, CEO/Director of Education, developed Relational Education as the pioneering application of Charlotte Mason’s methodology in an American public school setting. Its practices include respecting the children as persons, providing discipline through good habits, and perpetual learning in the arts, sciences, humanities, mathematics, and athletics.

In addition to Mason’s principles for children are the ideals for teachers. In order for accreditation to occur, Gillingham administration, teachers, and staff had to meet strict CMI criteria.

Phase two of the accreditation process will begin in 2015 for an additional three day observation by the CMI board and president. Upon completion of the second portion of accreditation, Gillingham will be fully certified for seven years.