For Students

999768_624085794278880_262435150_nStudent Handbook

We dreamt of a place where:

  • Young persons learn how to learn and live a full life enjoying all that they see around them
  • A student is not a number
  • Teachers are cared for and haven´t lost their love for teaching
  • Teachers aren´t harassed by test scores but free to teach and learn so that students are proficient and enriched in all that they do
  • Young persons learn to research and learn on their own
  • Students create and imagine and play and smile and laugh
  • No one is bored or overworked
  • No one is bullied by a classmate or an adult
  • EVERY PERSON, young or old, feels WANTED

We dreamt of Gillingham Charter School. On June 7, 2011, the dream came true. Welcome to our school.

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Spirit Team 

Boys Basketball

Archery Team 

Cross Country 





Nature Walks

  • Rain or shine, weekly nature walks and student selected journaling using dry brush watercolor technique builds strong observation skills, awe and deep care for the natural world.
  • Local nature guides, books and parks help students fall in love with the county’s beauty and wonder.

Other Ways We Enjoy the Outdoors:

  • School-wide Gardening
  • Classes and Lunches on Picnic Blankets
  • Free Play at Break, Recess and After School
  • Sports and PE